Kunaaaaaaal Unplugged: The Winner of HomeStars Rapchik Opens Up About His Journey in a Candid Chat with Flutin

Kunal Jai Singhani (aka Kunaaaaaaal) won the nation’s heart as well as the title of the first-ever winner of HomeStars Rapchik with his insane talent of creating mettlesome raps. But, what was it like for the man of the hour himself? What motivated him to give his all in each performance? What does he plan to do next? Read on to find out all the answers to these and more!

With rapping skills that made the entire nation go weak in the knees in awe of his true talent, Kunaaaaaaal (originally known as Kunal Jai Singhani) made history by becoming the first-ever winner of the rap talent show HomeStars Rapchik. In an exclusive chat with Flutin, the Nainital-based rapper talks about his firsthand experience in the competition, his journey to winning the competition, his plans for the future and more!

Q: How would you describe your journey from submitting your audition tape to getting selected in the top 15 and ultimately winning the competition?

Kunaaaaaaal: I got to know about HomeStars Rapchik being organised by Flutin through a pop-up on Instagram. Some of my friends had also sent me the link, urging me to participate in this competition.

So, I decided to sign up for it and sent in my latest rap that I had written then. Frankly, I had no hopes of being selected by Flutin… it was an all-India level rap competition, you know. But then, after 20 days, I received a call from Flutin congratulating me on getting selected for the top 15 and asking me to be ready for the game.

I was thrilled and confused at the same time… I didn’t really know what to do. So, I had to do a little pep talk for myself and I said, “This is something that you have to do and you have to give your all to it.” You see, before this, I was trying to get into spirituality and was reading the Bhagavad Gita.

Though I couldn’t finish it, I implemented a small lesson that I had learned throughout the competition — “Karm Karo, Fal Ki Chinta Mat Karo“. And this is what fuelled me to give my best in each performance. I knew head on that there were many budding rappers who were better than me. But, I aimed to become a better version of myself each day. And throughout the journey, Flutin immensely helped me carry out this mission and the world (especially India) shaped me into what I am today. Read More